Pearsons Floral Diary

  1. Waratahs


    Awaken the wow factor with Waratahs

    Far from the red earth of the north, the red sunsets of the west and the red kangaroos of Australia’s centre, the south-eastern dwellers of this sun blessed country have another crimson claim-to-fame. The striking Waratah flower. (Yes, that does include the NSW Rugby Waratahs – if sport excites you as much as flowers energise us!). Read more... 

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  2. Spring has Sprung!

    Spring has Sprung!

    Flower lovers rejoice as Spring has finally made her seasonal entrance.

    Our stores are brimming with the most spellbinding range of spring flowers you can imagine! You can enchant your loved ones and decorate your home or office with this season’s most vibrant colours and exquisite scents. Read more...

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  3. Father's Day

    Father's Day


    Generous. Dependable. And a little less predictable than we give him credit for! After years of watching him tinkering with this tools, we’ve started to see him playing dolls with the little ones instead … His Sunday cycles with the gents are sometimes replaced with “salutes to the sun” with Mum – Suddenly, the man who used to sit at the kitchen bench in his daggy tracksuit from the 80s, instant coffee in one hand (and vegemite on white in the other) prefers a trip to the local café, for a soy latte and slice of sourdough, donning his slim chinos – which he bought online! That’s right, the Fathers of Sydney are finally moving with the times , embracing their sensitive side, discovering a sense of style. Or ONE of the above, at the very least.

    To celebrate, Pearsons Florist has JOINED THE EVOLUTION and just in time for Fathers Day too.

    So you can thank Dad for all of his support while honouring his Oh-so-Sydney enthusiasm for all things “on-trend” :

    Glossy Plant: For the Green Smoothie Lovers. Or those who need a little inspiration to “go greener”

    Natives: For the loyal Dads who can often be heard shouting “Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi” at the television.

    Gourmet Food: For the Foodies. Some of whom, have started taking pictures of their meals and posting it on social media. Just when we thought we’d seen it all.

    Chocolate: For the Optimists. Who send us emails with subjects like “Study reveals Chocolate is GOOD FOR YOU!!!”

    Alcohol: When nothing else will satisfy. As the wise Rumi wrote: “Either give me more wine, or leave me alone.”

    So, go on and dare to be unpredictable ! If Dad can do it, you can too.

    Shop the Father's Day Range

    Fathers Day

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  4. Daffodil Day

    Daffodil Day

    The team at Pearsons Florist have sourced the most delightful daffodils in Sydney in preparation for Daffodil Day. The most brilliant Daffodils have just paraded into Pearsons Florist, ready to be bunched into bouquets for Daffodil Day this Friday 24th August. So you can brighten up that room (or someone’s day) while supporting the NSW Cancer Council. Charm your loved ones (or your home) with these little rays of sunshine, while supporting an incredible Charity.

    Pearsons donates $10 to the NSW Cancer Council for every Daffodil Day vase delivered in Sydney between Mon - Fri, 20 - 24th August 2018!

    Order Daffodils

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  5. Chinese Valentine's Day

    Chinese Valentine's Day

    The Qixi Festival also known as the Qiqiao Festival is a Chinese festival that celebrates the annual meeting of the cowherd and weaver girl in Chinese mythology. Chinese Valentines Day falls on the seventh day of the 7th month on the Chinese calendar. It is sometimes called the Double Seventh Festival, the Night of Sevens, or the Magpie Festival. Read more...

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  6. Winter Flowers

    Winter Flowers

    Winter Flowers, to keep Sydney smiling!

    Winter isn’t exactly our favourite season here in Sydney; our active inhabitants start to grieve the absence of summer the moment we sense the first hint of autumn coolness!

    By July, the cold has well and truly set in. Sydney-siders can be spotted on coastal walks all over town, lamenting “What can we do this winter to bring the outside in?”

    Here at Pearsons Florist, we are so lucky to spend our entire year surrounded by a wide range of beautiful flowers. So what blooms will keep us smiling through the colder months. Ready to be inspired? Here’s a list of our favourites!

    Cymbidium Orchids are a stunning addition to almost any wintery arrangement and look fantastic with traditional flowers and wildflowers, but are especially elegant on their own with twigs and foliage.

    Tulips are a perfect winter bloom – they love the cold!! In a vase they will twist and turn towards the light creating fantastical shapes as their petals open and bloom.

    Winter roses are gorgeous, their plump pretty petals remind us of warmer times to come and they last so well in the cooler air. Spray roses are delightful, from golden yellows to oranges (like a steamy bowl of Pumpkin Soup) to reds (like the glow from a fireplace) to burgundy (like a glass of mulled wine) to fresh greens (like the fluffiest of duvets) they will make you fall in love with winter!

    Just keep smiling Sydney, the winter will pass and then we can forget all about it till next year!!!

    Winter flowers

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  7. Tulips


    What do Antique Serapi Carpets, Saffron Ice-Cream & Tulips have in common?

    They are all absolute heaven to the senses AND share Persian ancestry.

    While the team at Pearsons Florist do have a great eye for interiors and a keen taste for exotic ice-cream flavours (do you blame us?), flowers are our speciality! So allow us to tempt and tantalise with a trip down the Royal Road to Tulip Paradise.

    Your journey begins in the Persian & Ottoman Empires where it is believed the Kingdoms’ most captivated poets endowed the Tulip with its name due to its resemblance to a Turban (Tülbend meaning muslin or gauze in Turkish). Illustrations also reveal early fashionistas wearing tulips on their Turbans.

    Jump to 16th Century Europe where the tulips made their debut and have been charming the trendsetters on The Continent ever since. With most Tulip species producing a single, goblet shaped flower with 6 waxy petals, some distinctive variations have been spotted on the (cobble stone) streets. Parrot tulips for instance, have broken, serrated, incurved blooms and white lily-flower types have pointed petals that curve outwards. Nowadays, nearly all hybrid Tulip bulbs come from Holland.

    Your voyage comes to brief a stop in present day Sydney, where Tulips have found their way into the hearts and homes of flower-lovers all over the city. Around the globe, Tulips are still one of the most popular blooms used by contemporary florists with over 150 species and over 3000 cultivars. The Sydney season is from early Autumn through winter to late Spring (aren't we lucky?).

    Let the journey continue!

    Order your tulips from Pearsons today.

    Parrot Tulip Vase

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  8. Pearsons Florist NEW Store

    Pearsons Florist NEW Store

    Pearsons Florist are thrilled to announce the opening of our new store in North Sydney. At the tip of the point in the Northpoint retail space, our new store boasts beautiful floating stands to make sure the flowers are the stars! If you are in the area pop in and visit us - we would love to see you! Click here for opening times and map.

    Pearsons Florist North Sydney


    100 Miller Street

    North Sydney

    Phone: 02 9188 7425


    Pearsons Florist North Sydney

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  9. Mother's Day

    Mother's Day

    Meet our Mums

    In the lead up to Mother's Day we'd like to introduce you to some of the mums behind our great team of florists here in Sydney. It's been a bit of fun pulling this together, we hope you enjoy it too!

    If you're looking to spoil your mum... let us help you. We've got a range of beautiful blooms and plants.

    Meet Emelia and her Mum Del

    Mia and her Mum

    Emelia works in our design centre. Not just a floral designer, Emelia can wear many hats and enjoys being able to work in different areas in the business. From product development to managing the vast range of corporate clients and even running a few classes with the School of Floristry.

    Use one word to describe your mum?


    What is your favourite mum memory?

    Just being together, since I got married and moved out of the family home I just enjoy the simplicity of being in each other’s company for a quick coffee or a grocery shop.

    What flower best describes her personality?

    Iris, for one it is her favourite and secondly like the blue on the outside she is so cool calm and collected. Although once the Iris opens up she is the most funky, flamboyant and funny lady!

    Tell us about this photo of you and your Mum?

    This is my mamma and I on my wedding day. It was the best day of my life and I am so glad I decided to not only have my dad give me away but my mum too!

    Meet Santa and her Mum Jolanta

    Santa and her Mum

    Santa is one of our super talented Designers who recently joined us from London. With Event and Wedding background she loves working closely with clients and selecting the perfect blooms to fit the brief!

    Use one word to describe your mum?

    Hmm this is hard, think it would be - CRAZY

    What is your favourite mum memory?

    When I and mum went to a gig few years ago…we had a blast!

    What flower best describes her personality?

    Her favourite is Lily of the Valley but I would describe her as ‘’ All for love’’ rose.

    Tell us about this photo?

    This is a really old photo of us, I always keep it close to me. It’s a constant reminder of how similar we are!

    Meet Andrea and her mum Sophia!

    Andrea and her Mum

    Andrea is one of our Customer Service superstars – who has graced our Instagram feed many a time and been the backbone of the Design Centre team for three years looking after all our wonderful customers!

    Use one word to describe your mum?

    My rock.

    What is your favourite mum memory?

    Pretty much every musical theatre show we’ve seen together, especially Priscilla Queen of the Desert – SO much fun! Also, watching The Graham Norton Show together on the couch & laughing ourselves stupid.

    What flower best describes her personality?

    A slipper orchid. Not only does she grow them & LOVE them, but these orchids have a majestic & mysterious quality that reminds me of my mum, & they are just so darn beautiful & soft hearted like her.

    Tell us about this photo?

    This snap is of us a few Christmases ago when I attempted to make a Christmas-themed flower crown & it turned out more bushy than floral. My mum’s expression towards me says it all: a sweet combo of humour & love.

    Meet Suzanne and her Mum Helen

    Suzanne's Mum

    This is Helen! She's mum to our Chatswood Chase Store Manager, Suzanne. Suzanne is an amazing florist and has worked for Pearsons for many, many years. Needless to say she is well and truly part of our floral family.

    Use one word to describe your mum?

    Generous! My mum is generous with everything she has and everyone she comes across!

    What is your favourite mum memory?

    Recently we had a night in Canberra, for her seventieth birthday. It was a lovely day. We went to the national art gallery to see the work of one of her favourite artists - Fred Williams. We then ate tapas and talked for hours. She shared some memories of her past. It was very special.

    What flower best describes her personality?

    Mum would be a Bromeliad (any variety, she has loads of them) and like her they're unique, sturdy, adaptable & easy to love.

    Tell us about this photo?

    I had to share this image. It is my favourite ever photo of mum. She's an amazing lady.

    Meet Claire (and Fred)

    Pollak Family

    Barbara, our CEO's mum Claire (and dad, Fred) purchased Pearsons Florist three weeks before Mother's Day in 1969. Barbara and her brother Bernard now run the business with Bernard's son, Avi.

    Use one word to describe your mum?

    Just one? Strong and loving.

    What is your favourite mum memory?

    I was the youngest child, with three older brothers so shopping was a treat for us both!

    What flower best describes her personality?

    Sweet pea... My Dad always gave her the first bunch of the season.

    Tell us about this photo?

    This photo was taken on my parents wedding day (she made the chicken sandwiches for the reception). They look so happy! She would be so proud to think that 3 generations of Pollaks have been involved in the business!

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  10. Office Professional's Day

    Office Professional's Day

    Friday 4th May 2018

    A history of Office Professional's Day

    During World War II, there was a shortage of skilled administrative personnel in the United States due to Depression-era birth-rate decline and booming post-war business. The National Secretaries Association, founded in 1942, was formed to recognise the contributions of administrative personnel to the economy, support their personal development, and to help attract workers to the administrative field. The official period of celebration was first proclaimed by U.S. Secretary of Commerce Charles W. Sawyer as "National Secretaries Week", which was held June 1–7 in 1952 with Wednesday, June 4 designated as National Secretaries' Day. The first Secretaries' Day was sponsored by the National Secretaries Association with the support of corporate groups. The name was changed to Professional Secretaries Week in 1981 and became Administrative Professionals Week in 2000 to encompass the expanding responsibilities and wide-ranging job titles of administrative support staff in the modern economy. In Australia we celebrate Office Professional's Day on the 1st Friday in May.

    What to send?

    A gift of flowers is always a great choice for any occasion. For Office Professional's Day flowers suitable for a desktop are a thoughtful gesture. The Pearsons Flower Bottles are fun or a vase of bright flowers always looks beautiful. Chocolates or a candle as an add on gift are pretty and easy to carry home from the office.

    View our range to say 'thanks a bunch' on Office Professional's Day

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