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  1. International Women's Day

    International Women's Day

    In the lead up to International Womens’ Day on March 8, the team at Pearsons have been sharing stories about the exceptional women in our lives; friends, wives, girlfriends, mothers, grand mothers, aunts, employees and colleagues who have made (or continue to make) selfless contributions to the home, office, school, community and beyond. These are the incredible women whose efforts and sacrifices often go unacknowledged. Even when we say “congratulations” for a win at work or “thank you for going above and beyond your call of duty” on that project, it’s easy to overlook that (on average) these women are still juggling the majority of domestic duties at the same time. Let’s not forget the gender gap when it comes to equal pay either!

    For Bernard, Barbara & Avi Pollak - second and third generation Pearsons Florist owners, managers & designers - International Women’s Day is a time when they devote particular respect to their mother and grandmother Clare who, together with her husband Fred, established Pearsons Florist in 1969 and sowed the seeds of the blossoming business they are proud to be a part of today. Clare worked tirelessly in the original Bondi store while being the primary carer for her four children.

    Clare delighted in the joyful reactions of customers who received flowers as gifts from friends and family. Because the gesture of giving flowers is an act of gratefulness. It’s about making that special someone feel valued, appreciated, seen. On International Womens’ Day, giving flowers to your personal wonder woman also signifies your acknowledgment of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements and contributions made by women in general. It’s a commitment to further gender equality.

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  2. Valentine's Day Roses

    Valentine's Day Roses

    Valentine's Day - SAY IT WITH ROSES!

    When you can’t find a seamless way to say “I know it’s only been a few months, but I’ve got a really good feeling about this and I’m pretty sure I’m falling for you”

    Say it with roses

    When “For some reason I find you the most adorable in the morning, especially when your hair is a mess” just doesn’t strike the right romantic chord,

    Say it with roses

    When “Even after all these years, nobody makes me laugh the way you do when you sing off key” isn’t sensitive enough, “I’m sorry I don’t tell you I love as much as you’d like” just won’t cut it, When “Thank you for putting up with me” is too self-deprecating, “You’re sexy when you get angry” is too saucy, “You’re top notch” lacks poetic flair but “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” just isn’t you …

    Say it with roses

    When “Be my valentine” sounds too cliché and “Be my sweetheart” sounds too saccharine; When “Be Mine” sounds too controlling, But “I am yours” sounds too submissive; When “Roses are red …” has been done to death, “I’ll love you until the day I die” feels too morbid, “I can’t live without you” feels too needy and “I want you every day” feels too greedy

    Say it WITH ROSES

    Pearsons Florist are here to assist.

    As the Number 1 Sydney retailer of the highest quality roses, your message of love with be relayed perfectly this Valentines Day.

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  3. Chinese New Year

    Chinese New Year

    Don’t you just LOVE the way Sydney comes alive during Chinese New Year celebrations? The streets around China Town and the CBD glow with giant lunar lanterns and vivid parades featuring elaborate costumes and puppets. Darling Harbour attracts a bustling crowd to experience the spirited dragon boat races, where modern-day warriors battle it out to the beating of Chinese drums!

    Celebrate the Year of the Dog in 2018. Sydney will be vibrant with celebrations for the Lunar New Year. Dress your home with stunning flowers in brights reds and golds including roses and orchids. Send a gift of flowers in these bright bold colours to share luck, love and prosperity. The Chinese New Year will be celebrated from 16th February 2018

    With Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s festivities finished, Chinese New Year gives Sydneysiders another reason to celebrate, another chance to make some fresh resolutions (that we’ll definitely keep this year, we promise) and another opportunity to give (and receive) gifts.

    Because Chinese New Year is one of our favourite holidays, the team at Pearsons Florist have sourced the most BEAUTIFUL red & yellow blooming flowers and some AMAZING gifts and to give to family and friends, along with your “good fortune” envelopes, “happiness” lanterns and paper dog paper cut-outs.


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  4. Lovely Lilac

    Lovely Lilac

    Noticed a little Spring in your step?

    Spring is in FULL SWING and we can’t help but skip and hop around our stores which are bursting with bunches of lovely lilac blooms.

    The Lilac (botanical name Syringa vulgaris ) is a species of flowering plant in the olive family native to Eastern Europe. Widely grown as an ornamental plant, the Lilac is prized for it's gorgeous little flowers and incredible perfume, making it a real people pleaser!

    Beyond it’s visual and fragrant appeal, the Lilac also has symbolic resonance: In Greek mythology, Lilacs signified love and passion while in the Royal courts of Asia they were used to endow leaders with confidence. In Romanian literature, Lilacs represent first love & in certain parts of Russia, locals still wave a sprig of Lilac over a newborn to bring them wisdom.

    Lilacs are the perfect gift for a partner, new mother, recent graduate or a promoted colleague and are available in Sydney in September, for a short time only. So swing (or hop, or skip) into a Pearsons Florist store (or order online here) to swoop a precious bunch of Lilacs today !

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    Phalaenopsis orchids are a beautiful flowering potted plant that we have seen grow enormously in popularity over the last few years. We love their graceful arching stems and clean, crisp colours add the way they add an exotic elegance to any room. It’s no surprise then that many interior designers feature this beautiful plant in so many contemporary room designs.

    Our Pearsons Florist designers style these captivating phalaenopsis orchid plants into a modern white textured pot that makes a truly stunning floral statement. The end result is an exquisite yet unexpected gift appropriate for any special occasion. Best of all, it is a gift that keeps on giving. If you look after your orchid correctly, they will last for years and years and bloom spectacularly almost all year round.

    Looking After Your Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant

    Phalaenopsis orchids are not hard to care for, but they do require a bit of love and care. To ensure your centrepiece remains healthy you need to:

    • Choose The Right Location - Place the orchid in a bright warm place out of direct sunlight and away from cold draughts. A window sill will work well or any warm, sunny spot in your home.
    • Keep Moist Not Saturated - Water your orchid every 7-10 days to keep the soil moist but do not saturate the pot with water.
    • Add A Bit Of Fertiliser - Add a little bit of orchid fertiliser every 2 weeks or according to the instructions on the packet. Remember less is more here.
    • Repot Now And Then - Once a year when the orchid is not blooming, ease it gently out of the pot and repot it with some fresh orchid soil mix. You can place it back into its white textured pot if you like.
    • Remove Any Dust - Like any stunning centrepiece in your home, orchid leaves will get dusty from time to time. Gently remove any dust from the leaves by wiping them softly with a damp cloth.

    With a little love and care we are sure your phalaenopsis orchids will continue to make a stunning statement in your home for years to come.

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  6. Cymbidium Orchids in Winter

    Cymbidium Orchids in Winter

    Cymbidium Orchid, making Sydney smile again.

    Winter isn’t exactly held in high esteem here in Sydney; a city whose glamorous inhabitants start to grieve the absence of Summer the moment they sense the first autumn chill (while dining alfresco by the harbour or on the beach).

    By May, the panic has well and truly set in. Sydney-siders can be spotted on coastal walks all over town, lamenting, “What joys can Winter possibly bring?”

    Here at Pearsons Florist, we feel blessed to spend our entire year surrounded by so many beautiful species of flowers. And one bloom in particular, is sure to keep Sydney smiling through the colder months. Ready to be inspired? Enter the Cymbidium Orchid.

    With a winter palette to remind our sun-worshipers of their favourite frosty pleasures. From golden yellows to oranges (like a steamy bowl of Pumpkin Soup) to reds (like the glow from a fireplace) to burgundy (like a glass of mulled wine) to earthy browns (like a mug of hot chocolate) to pink (like that warm woollen sweater) to fresh greens (like the fluffiest of duvets) to white (like the snowy mountains) Cymbidium Orchids will make you fall in love with Winter all over again!

    Cymbidium Orchids are a stunning addition to almost any wintery arrangement and look stunning with traditional and wildflowers, but are especially elegant on their own with twigs and foliage.

    Perfectly suited to cooler weather, cut stems can last well over a month in the right conditions, making them ideal for corporate arrangements as vase life is very good. Glass vases are most suited as it is easy to view the water level and top us as required.

    If you , or someone you know needs a little Winter Warmer, purchase your Cymbidium Orchid here:

    Keep smiling Sydney !

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  7. Dahlias


    The shooting stars of the flower kingdom!

    Humans have been captivated by stars — those glittery specks of light across our night sky — for time immemorial. Maybe it’s their perceived connection to the heavens which has given them such holy status. Perhaps this is why they have come to represent excellence & distinction (5 star hotel anyone?)

    In the flower kingdom, blooms from the daisy family hold a similar appeal. This should come as no surprise when you consider their scientific name - Asteraceae - which refers to the star-like form of their inflorescences. Daisies, chrysanthemums and sunflowers are all revered members of the Asteraceae family, but this season, one flower in particular is getting 5 star ratings left right and centre … it’s the Dahlia.

    With their puffy double flowering & multi-layered petals that appear to be dipped, stripped and tipped in an impressive range of colours (such a fuchsia, scarlet, yellow & orange to name a few) Dahlias add body and beauty to any arrangement. They are also impressive in a bouquet on their own, resembling bunches of vivid stars with encircling rays.

    Have a shooting star in your life who deserves recognition? Dahlias are the perfect gift for anyone in your family, friendship circle or office who is really excelling in their sphere.

    Purchase your Dahlias here:

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