The shooting stars of the flower kingdom!

Humans have been captivated by stars — those glittery specks of light across our night sky — for time immemorial. Maybe it’s their perceived connection to the heavens which has given them such holy status. Perhaps this is why they have come to represent excellence & distinction (5 star hotel anyone?)

In the flower kingdom, blooms from the daisy family hold a similar appeal. This should come as no surprise when you consider their scientific name - Asteraceae - which refers to the star-like form of their inflorescences. Daisies, chrysanthemums and sunflowers are all revered members of the Asteraceae family, but this season, one flower in particular is getting 5 star ratings left right and centre … it’s the Dahlia.

With their puffy double flowering & multi-layered petals that appear to be dipped, stripped and tipped in an impressive range of colours (such a fuchsia, scarlet, yellow & orange to name a few) Dahlias add body and beauty to any arrangement. They are also impressive in a bouquet on their own, resembling bunches of vivid stars with encircling rays.

Have a shooting star in your life who deserves recognition? Dahlias are the perfect gift for anyone in your family, friendship circle or office who is really excelling in their sphere.

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