Pearsons are a true family business. For almost 50 years, the Pollak family have been delighting customers with amazing flowers. But Fred and Claire Pollak didn’t start in the floristry business. In fact, Fred opened a tailor shop and acted as the go-to man for many famous Australians. Most notably, Fred was the tailor to the Prime Minister, Sir William McMahon. Better known as Billy. After his successes, he decided to make a change, a dramatic change. He did a complete u-turn and took over Pearsons Florist with his wife Claire. The whole family, 4 kids and a puppy named Daisy, lived above the store.

40 years (or so) later they now have six stores across Sydney as well a successful website (you’re here so it must be good) and an award-winning School of Floristry. Whilst there have been many changes over the years, the family aspect of Pearsons has remained strong. Bernard and Barbara Pollak (Fred and Claire’s son and daughter) now run the business, and Bernard’s son Avi has joined the team. But as you’d guess, Fred and Claire’s passion for the business continue to provide plenty of inspiration to all involved.

Innovation has also been tightly woven throughout all aspects of the business. The establishment of Pearsons School of Floristry is a perfect example. As Pearsons reputation grew, so did the amount of customers asking about how to learn floristry. On the face of it, most businesses would baulk at training people that may intend to join their industry, but that’s not how the family thinks. They are passionate about floristry and are thrilled to share that passion.

The entire family and their team have been proud of making special occasions even more special. From engagements to weddings, to birthdays and funerals. The success of the business is due to one thing, quality. All team members work together, from choosing flowers at the markets and direct at the growers and arranging them for customers to delivering them to recipients, the whole process is managed by Bernard, Barbara and Avi to ensure the end result is perfect.

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